The Hearing Aid Factory

Thinking of buying hearing aids online? Think again!
Did you know that it is illigal in Florida to sell hearing aids online? This is done by the State to safeguard patients from unscrupulous and dishonest sales practices. In order to sell you hearing aids we must have a valid and current license which is renewed every two years. We must show the state that we have continued our education. We do this by constantly training with all the different manufacturers on their new technology as well as honing our clinical procedures in order to serve you as well as possible. We also must show that we are in an actual building with an actual address and not selling hearing aids out of a house or a car.

Why does the state makes sure all these conditions are met by a hearing proffessional? Because if you encounter a dishonest or shifty proffessional in Florida, you have recourses and actual legal contracts with that proffessional's license number and address so the state can make sure they do the right things by you. Most professionals know this so they act accordingly in order to not get into trouble.

If you buy hearing aids online, you do not know where the seller is or if they are qualified to get you the best help possible. We have had patients in my office with problematic hearing aids who later found that their aids came from South America and the Middle East. Now they are alone and have no recourses or help in getting their money back. Many companies including our own, do not like to get involved with such hearing aids because we do not even know the actual brand of those hearing aids or if they are legit or clones, (fake).

Most people buy online trying to save money and with some of the prices we have seen out there, we don't blame them. This is why we keep our prices as low as possible by not adding commissions, by keeping our overhead as low as possible and our advertising to a minimum. These items add more to the purchase price than anything else. We sell hearing aids from all the major manufacturers and are constanly trained by all of them. We are also fully authorized by them to sell and fit their products.

We encourage you to shop around but before you make a decision do not only think of the price of the hearing aid, think about future adjustments, personal service and actually having a company that has been here for 30 years. We do not charge for the initial consultation so you have nothing to loose.
Celebrating 30 Years