I'm having difficulty hearing, what do I do?

   Please give us a call so we can setup your appointment for a hearing test. We recommend bringing a family member or your spouse as this is something that affects them too. This will be done in a confortable and relaxed atmosphere. Unlike other places where you have an appointment time along with other people, we only make one appointment per patient. On the initial consultation we like to visit with you as well as doing all other tests. This will assure that we will find the right solution for your hearing and your lifestyle. There is no commissions in our office to assure you that the solutions we give you are based on what is best for you and not what is best for any sales person.

I had hearing aids before, how is your office different?

   By treating you like we would treat a family member. We are one of the last family owned and operated offices and we have been doing it since 1987. We will get to know you and your family by name, not by a customer number. You are an individual looking for help and you will be treated accordingly, not like cattle in order to get you out quickly. We offer a 7 year re-adjustment and re-test guarantee. This is to assure you that we want you to come in any time you wish for re-adjustments. We also ask our patients to come back at least once a year to re-do the hearing tests. If there is any change, we can re-adjust your hearing instruments accordingly. The most important thing to know is that we are your partner in your way to better hearing. We don't want you to ever feel like you are bothering us in any way. This is why we have been here since 1987 and why so many of our patients have been with us so long.

How can you offer lower prices than lower prices than other companies?

   In almost every business what drives a big part of the price is overhead. Most hearing aid companies do very expensive full page ads, they work on commissions, they send thousands of mailers, they have extensive an unnecessary staff and their rent might run in the thousands. All of these items have to be paid for before they make a penny and they haven't even touched the hearing aids yet! We try our best to keep all these items away from the actual cost of the hearing aids. When we give you a price, you can be assured that it is based on what is best for you and that is the best price we can offer. We always give you at least three options and you make the final decision based on your needs and your budget.

Why shouldn't I buy from the Internet?

   Did you know is illegal in the state of Florida to sell hearing aids online? This is to safeguard the customer from unscroupolous sales from Internet companies that you have no idea where they are located. Most major hearing aid manufacturers advise the public to find a licensed and properly trained professional because your hearing is a very personal and individual matter that requires fine tuning in order to achieve the best sound for you. With the prices we offer there is no need for you to risk saving a couple of bucks and then finding yourself alone and with no help when is time for adjustments or maintenance. We have many patients in this situation that end up paying twice as much because now they have useless hearing aids they bought online. Call us before you do anything, there is no charge for our consultation.
The Hearing Aid Factory