Some of our Brands

Oticon has been an excellent partner in hearing care for our patients. As of this writing we have had 99% satisfaction and extremely low repairs. They keep improving their instruments all the time. Their OPN hearing instruments have been amazing and now they even have a rechargeable option. They can not only connect directly to IPhones, but also to a TV adapter. Every patient that has tried them, has loved them!
The Hearing Aid Factory
These are some of the brands we use most . For us to sell a brand with confidence they must proof themselves with a high quality, robust and good looking product. They must keep up with technology and be always striving for a better sounding instrument. Their product should not brake often, but if it does they should have excellent customer care and do repairs quickly. All of these companies bellow have done all these things very well for us. We make sure we tell these companies that it is our face you see when you come in to our office, not theirs. Because of this is essential that you are very satisfied with your purchase.
Resound is a very unique company fulfilling some very necessary holes in the hearing industry. To our knowledge, they have one of the most powerful hearing aids on earth, the Enzo2. This is our go to company when we have a profoundly hearing impaired patient. Most of their hearing instruments can connect wirelessly and without need of a streamer to IPhones, tv adapters and remote microphones. Multiple users can connect at the same time to the tv at the same time so everyone can watch the same show at their perfect volume! This is the brand for advanced and demanding users. Now with the addition of the Linx3D, patients have unsurpassed control. With their free app's you can control every aspect of the hearing aid in ways you can't imagine.
Siemens has been around for quite a while offering a consistent and innovative stream of quality hearing instruments. They have to this date, the only fully water proof hearing aid on the market. They also offer rechargeable hearing aids and now a direct to IPhone, the Motion 13BT. You may start to see their new name "Signia"