Repairs, modifications, adjustments, and anything you may need but that nobody else can do for you. We are equipped to do this even while you wait. If we can't do it in the office, we can send them out to larger repair labs or to the original manufacturer.. The average life of a hearing aid is about 5 to 7 years. We do repair hearing aids much older than this but it depends greatly on the care that aid has received in the past. We can't tell if we can do a repair until we see the aid. Repairs are priced according to the type and complexity of the repair. With almost 30 years experience, we have seen every type of repair imaginable.

Some places charge a set price for repairs no matter what it is. We have repaired hearing aids with just a broken wire and charged $20.00 and have been told by the patient that they were told somewhere else that it would cost $300.00. We also have fixed many hearing aids from patients coming from other offices where they were told that the hearing aid could not be repaired either because of age or because they should buy new aids instead.

This is why our motto has always been:

Do not buy or repair any hearing aid until you have seen us, you will be very happy you did.
The Hearing Aid Factory