The Hearing Aid Factory

About Us

Thank you for your interest in The Hearing Aid Factory, Inc. It was established in 1987, mainly as a national repair lab receiving hearing aids from all over the U.S. from other hearing aid offices. As word got around about a local hearing aid repair lab, the local hearing impaired patients grew in numbers year after year looking for better service and prices. The average price these customers were paying was and is about 40% to 60% more than what we offer. This surge of local customers prompted us to focus our efforts on them, and slowly we started to switch from our national hearing aid dealers to the local customers.

It is a family owned and operated company that takes great pride and great efforts to keep all its customers satisfied and happy, as they are our main source of referrals. We do very little advertising in order to keep costs to a minimum, no commissions are ever charged, and most repairs and modifications are done in our lab, most of the time while the customer waits. In other offices these overhead expenses are the driving force behind the incredible amounts hearing impaired people are paying for hearing services. The customer comes to our office to get the best in hearing care and products and that is all they pay for.

We are authorized dispensers for all the brands we offer. We are constantly trained by all these manufacturers to assure you the best possible fit of your hearing instruments. We do not compromise the quality of the hearing aids by selling them at a lower price; we just don't attach all the other expenses. The service, due to our lab on premises, is unequaled locally. Most people with a hearing loss depend on their hearing aids in order to function normally in their work and in society. We try very hard to keep them functioning by doing everything in house; everywhere else they send the hearing aids away for a couple of weeks for even the smallest repairs.

We offer all brands of hearing instruments as well as make our own using the best electronics available from major manufacturers. We offer new hearing aids, from the most basic linear ones to the most advanced wireless, smart, top of the line hearing instruments.

We do offer the lowest possible prices around but this fact should not be the only important fact as you shop for hearing aids. Service after the sale, not only during warranty but also for the years to come, should be a big factor. Hearing aids are technical devices therefore technical knowledge is a must. How they are fitted to you is as unique as you are. Most places have mostly sale experience but they have never fixed or modified any hearing aids. So keep this in mind when deciding who should be your hearing solution provider.

If there is one piece of advice you should take is this:

Do not buy or repair any hearing aids until you see us,
you will be very happy you did!.
Celebrating 30 Years